Problems…..are gifts

That’s a big bold statement I know, I wanted to share with you a strategy that you can gift yourself, that will help you re-align your thinking for success. I’ve just come back from running one of my signature events last weekend, Master Your Mindset, and what an incredible event it was. Problems = Opportunities was one of the big concepts we covered during the seminar. The truth behind problems/challenges is that, they will only […]

Just 2mm away from victory

I wanted to send you a short reminder to let you know that, if you haven’t accomplished or achieved some of the goals you have set out for yourself/your life….keep going as you are so close to victory. In fact……you’re only 2mm off from reaching your destination. It doesn’t sound like much and you may find it difficult to grasp, but we very often (this has been me many times) get in to the habit […]

1 Powerful strategy for a Business/Life Breakthrough- A 66 Day Challenge for you

Dear Reader, I have a challenge for you today…. that if you accept… I know will have an Extraordinary impact on any personal/career/business goals you are working towards, results you desire & also any Breakthroughs you seek…. If you are in and ready to play…. let the games begin and your challenge lies below in this short post. Mastery… a journey of growth. A journey that we are on & a journey that never finishes. […]

Don’t say or use I don’t know- A short tip to Become Un-Stuck & Harness your Creativity!

I don’t know…. Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck when asked an interesting or challenging question…. or when you are in a very unfamiliar situation in business or even personally… to only answer it with I don’t know (or a similar answer). That feeling of anxiousness, heat & blankness filling your entire body… leaving us with the feeling of I don’t know swimming around in our mind and thinking. I’ve been there too… many […]

The Secret to overcoming your Stress

Dear Reader, I’m curious….. what does Stress mean to you? It’s interesting because as I write this article….. today is International Stress Awareness Day, how co-incidental. So what does Stress mean to you? The Stress that crops up in your business…. or at work…. when you are at home…or even thinking about the next holiday and how you will make it happen. When I work with my clients, stress is one of the top factors […]

Part 2- The Secret to Overcoming Stress

Dear Reader, Do you ever feel stressed? Stress is one of the biggest obstacles/challenges many of us face and regularly. Whether you are in business…running a business.. working in the public sector… or even at home… one thing I know for sure is you’ve probably experienced stress on some level. Last week was International Stress Awareness Day and here on LinkedIn to coincide with the day, I had written the first of a 2 part […]

Don’t Fake it till you make it. Do this instead. 1 powerful mindset hack!

Some say this is one of the most abused quotes in the self development space at the moment. I couldn’t agree more… (you might have a hunch I’m not a fan of this quote) Yet at the same time I’ve come across a number of Entrepreneurs, Directors & Leaders who turn to ‘Fake it till you make it’ when life/business gets tough and happens to us. Which lets be honest…is very often which is one […]