Morning Rituals

Good Morning reader, I have an important question for you, is your morning ritual serving you or holding you back? On today’s message, I want to bring you a powerful strategy to help you OWN this week, instead of letting the week OWN you. For some of you that may sound like a ‘nice idea’ but how about we make OWNING your day & time a reality? The biggest insight I could share with you to do this, and today’s gift, is […]

Do you want to be more Lucky?

Some describe Luck as having something to do with gambling, some say Luck is something we have little control over and others say Lucky people are born with Luck. My favourite definition of Luck is Labour Under Correct Knowledge, implying that Luck, is the result of persistence in the right direction, and actually something within our control. As Arnold Palmer the legendary golfer said, “The more I practice, the luckier I get” so it seems […]

The Secret of Change & Transformation

Do you want change? Change in your business? Change in your relationships with others? One of the most powerful lessons i’ve learnt from a teacher & mentor of mine, Jim Rohn, is that “for things to change, we must change” Change is something we all want on some level or another whether it is supporting your family more, your loved ones, being the best in your career and what you do, managing your team better […]