How to Create More Success & Impact- A Harsh Truth

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Blogs

Leadership, success & creating an impact starts with you!

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My favourite place to coach inspiring Entrepreneurs with extraordinary visions. Wentworth Golf Club (Picture Above)

What I love about high achievers and the clients I am humbled to work with is that they understand 1 thing that separates them from the rest.

The 1 principle that will take you from ordinary to extraordinary.

That is, you can only have the external impact, success and progress you seek, by first doing the work on you first.

Focusing on the goal, the outcome, the victory & success you want is great but not when it is at the cost of your culture, staff happiness & morale or your family/personal life.

Some people are so focused on wanting do and achieve more, they forget that they first must become more.

As Tony Robbins famously says, the biggest chokehold on any success you want in your life or business…is YOU. Not your office, team, bosses or anyone but the person in the mirror.

I’m referring to Inner Leadership and really doing the work on you first before demanding the best from others.

On average, CEO’s tend to read around 24 books per year. No surprise why they are a CEO because of the work they do on themselves and the growth they are hungry for.

I’m not just talking about picking up a book but really the key, vital, imperative, deeper, inner work required!

-Having those powerful conversations around what scare you the most and keep you awake at night

-Working on and through the challenges that you allow to rob you of your personal power leaving you feeling stressed, burnt out and overwhelmed.

-Committing to excellence by looking at your blindspots and willing to do what it takes to grow, thrive & excel.

-Putting your ego aside and demanding the best from yourself and the people you lead as a CEO, Director, Manager, Role Model, Mentor, Parent or Coach.

-Working on your skill set, mindset, self awareness, emotional intelligence, leadership, decision making, confidence and many more aspects.

This is the beauty of inner leadership. Leading others by leading yourselves first.

Those that operate the other way around by leading through their Ego and personal fears end up either isolating and distance themselves from others, their team, staff, loved ones and the people that matter the most.

They end up struggling running their business or being let go of, losing their job, their relationships and the very things that life is truly about.

Success starts with you my friend.

As Gandhi famously said, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world‘.

So profound, so powerful.

Are you willing to do the work on you to create the impact you want in the office, in the company culture, within your team or even at home?

Start with inner leadership and watch your world transform.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and if there is anything I can do to serve or support you, please send me an email through my website or [email protected] 

My Best Wishes,

Your friend and Life coach,,
Raghav Parkash