Life Assessment


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1. I generally feel happy in my life
2. Are you an Entrepreneur/Aspiring Entrepreneur?
3. I look forward to a new day and week
4. I feel fulfilled with my current lifestyle

5. I have a clear vision of what I want my life to look like
6. I have clear short and long-term goals for my life
7. I feel good about myself
8. I have strong belief in my ability to achieve my vision
9. I struggle to recover from moments of self doubt, fears & challenges?
10. I tend to experience negative emotions regularly

11. I feel I am/live in a strong emotional place each day
12. I tend to experience burnout and stress often
12. I’m motivated and passionate about the life I am leading & creating
14. When I set a goal I find it easy to get focused and follow through
15. I have a clear strategy and am certain about the HOW to achieve my goals
16. I have strong time management
17. I am effective when it comes to taking action and achieving my goals
18. I have rituals/daily habits that set me up to win each day

19. I am happy with my peer group and feel they are inspiring and supportive to my success
20. I am happy with my health

21. I am happy with the state of my finances
22. I am happy with all my relationships including family, social, career and intimate
23. I am happy with my career/I am doing what I love
24. I feel I am giving back often to others and serving a purpose greater than me
25. I take my work home with me and struggle with work/life balance
26. I feel alive and energised each day