“Raghav is a genuine, passionate and compassionate man. He is a knowledgable source and a personal example of high performance principals, and his commitment to my success inspired me to take action and progress my goals. He is an excellent listener, and his generosity is a shining light. I would highly recommend him as a coach.”

Gil Cohen Alloro, Actor

Meeting Raghav was like a rocket launch of inspiration, motivation, positivity and encouragement I felt kick started and jolted out of a long period of “stuckness”.

My one to one session with him was very powerful. I felt his total focus, energy and presence throughout. It was hugely emotional and fantastically transformational.

I feel better than I have done for many years, I feel more colourful and I am beginning to connect with my purpose in life, get clarity about my values and formulating a vision linked to my values. People are commenting on my energy and asking if I am in love or something… I say yes, I am learning to love and accept me. I feel the best is yet to come.



Raghav is an exceptional coach. He has helped me to find clarity on a very essential matter in my life. Having reached a certain level in senior management,
I was ready to set out on my own with a new business challenge. Raghav has helped me throughout and I have found our sessions unbelievably valuable. Thank you hundred times.

Zlatina Todorova


Raghav has been a great inspiration and totally amazing! His coaching is focused, sharp and I know it’ll unleash my current and new business venture to the NEXT level. I thank you and look forward to our next meet.

Faisal Khokhar,
CEO at BeInspirational Media


Raghav has a unique way of seeing the world. He genuinely believes in people and if you commit to working with him, he will support you no matter what. He is an unbelievable coach, with a gentle, yet empowering spirit. I have been so lucky to share my journey with him and my life has gone to the next level. I am endlessly blessed!

Melissa Panero


When I first met Raghav his warmth and positive energy shone through and I thought that I would like to be able to shine like that! I enjoyed discussing my business visions in such an open and idyllic way. I felt very uplifted after each session and as a result very pro active with my action steps.

As our sessions progressed I started to realise that this wasn’t just a ‘nice’ way of looking at my business visions it was fast becoming a ‘realistic’ way forward for my business and as well as feeling uplifted I was seeing results and progress with every action step I made.

In addition I got to share my achievements with Raghav as well as my family and friends and it’s important to have someone rooting for you! I have always felt destined to make a difference in the world but I kept quiet about it and Raghav has helped me to find my voice, to share my vision with others which brings my vision to life!

The results I’ve seen in my business is clarity on what I am trying to get across to others, getting more people on board with my vision, an increase in business partnerships and focus. As with any coaching it can unearth some personal issues and delivers some real learning curves but Raghav encourages, supports and guides you through it helping you through the haze enabling you to enjoy the journey towards your vision.

Claire Robilliard
CEO, The Better Wellbeing System

Raghav has a rare and very special raw coaching talent. Some people are naturally good at singing, some at drawing. He is at coaching. He’s also one of the most genuinely giving and caring people I know, and his passion, belief and love for the people he coaches shines through. He’s a true gift and asset for any client, and I advise everyone to sit down with Raghav, and allow his presence to captivate you while he helps you reach your greatness.

Michael Serwa
High-end Life Coach, Speaker & Author

Raghav is a Legend! Within a short period of time, I was able to open up and talk about my worst thoughts & fears. We explored how I felt about myself and some really powerful stuff came up, stuff that I was suppressing. Raghav was completely focused on my issues for the entire session. I have gone from an emotional wreck to someone who feels good about himself and the future. Everyday since then, I have been making better choices and starting to take control of my life. Everyday is a step closer to being the best person I can be. I would recommend Raghav to anyone looking to improve the quality of their life.

Z Ahmed,
Banker at Lloyds Bank

Are you seeking for truly effective strategies and tools to create powerful changes and impact in your life?

Raghav has growing and significant experience, with a unique gift to help empower you to manifest powerful and positive changes in one or many areas of your life. He can provide you with such strategies and tools unique to your individual needs and circumstances – and most importantly, they work! He also works with you to enable you to really seek within yourself and begin to be your own life strategist.
With Raghav’s warm and caring personality you are able to instantly build great rapport and connection with him. He is authentic, compassionate, an excellent communicator and listener, and he truly cares about ensuring that you create real and sustainable progress and results – this makes all the difference.
Each session will leave you feeling elevated and empowered to work on your personal goals, with visible results!

Raghav is understanding and will effectively work with you to ensure you make progress whilst also assisting you to move out of your comfort or fear zones in order to do so.

I highly recommend Raghav to anyone who is ready to make significant changes and progress in their lives – and where there is a real drive and must to transform their lives. Life Coaching is powerful – work with Raghav, and you will experience the Alchemy of Coaching.

S Kaur,
HR Consultant