3 Decisions Leaders Make Daily

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Blogs

Dear Reader,

Are you an Entrepreneur, Director, CEO, Manager or someone in a position where you can influence others?A position of leadership providing you with the ability to lead, inspire & empower the people around you.

Part of the journey for any leader whether in a business as a CEO or a household as a mum/dad is being able to deal with the uncertainty that arises as a result of making progress. Progress for you professionally, in your business or even personally.

The more successful you want to become in any way, shape or form, the more challenges you will be presented with, the more uncertainty you will face and the more you will need to grow, harness & develop to create the results you want.

It’s an interesting time of the year as we’re wrapping the 1st quarter and I hope it has been successful for you? A resourceful yet victorious start to 2018.

As we go in to the second quarter, I want to share with you 3 specific decisions & habits I’ve found a number of leaders/high performers adopt in order to function at their best, deal with uncertainty and create an impact through the businesses they are in.

As a Peak Performance Coach, I’ve had the privilege or working with a number of Entrepreneurs & Leaders and these 3 decisions have them served them truly yet powerfully to make the progress & growth they seek.

So, what are the 3 decisions

Decision 1: To Embrace Uncertainty

The fact is, uncertainty is all around us. Brexit, business, the direction of the economy. The only certainty we have is that, life & business are uncertain.

High Performers understand this and they embrace the change & uncertainty. As Darwin said ‘It’s not the strongest or the smartest that survive but those that can adapt to change’

Embracing the uncertainty as it shows up is the very first step. Accept that uncertainty is a part of your journey and that it is the very gift which will strengthen your capabilities, drive, commitment & skillsets as a leader.

Decisions 2: To Remove the Emotion from Making Decisions

Leaders make extraordinary decisions and they do so by operating from a state of creativity & resourcefulness. Emotional power has it’s place but when making decisions about peak performance, personal growth and scaling a business, its important to remove emotions from the decision making process.

Emotion can stop you from taking the necessary risks

Taking actions that scare you most

Implementing the strategies that are most difficult

Going beyond your comfort zone

As PT Barnum said, “Comfort is the enemy of progress”

During moments of uncertainty, our reptilian brain kicks in to action (also known as our fight/flight response) which is the part of our thinking designed to keep us safe. It’s a very helpful protection mechanism but when it comes to personal effectiveness, it’s not so useful.

Remove the emotion from the decisions you need to make by focusing on possibilities and the results you want to create.

You will be far more effective, efficient, resilient and confident to take the steps you need.

Decisions 3: To focus and move in the direction of your vision

Focus is power and through any moments of uncertainty, the best place to put your focus is on your vision that inspires you, the forces that are in your control and the factors you can influence.

By doing so you will create certainty through the uncertainty.

Focus here means identifying and creating clarity on your outcomes, vision, goals, KPI’s, metrics, controllables & the things that you can influence in your life/business.

On a daily basis where do you put your focus?

What is your vision?

What are the controllables? Measurables or your KPI’s?

Because whatever you focus on is what you will steer towards and feel. Focus on uncertainty and you begin to feel anxious or stressed.

Focus on what is in your control, what you can influence and implement, you will begin to feel much more empowered.

I would love to hear what you personally took and will implement after reading this article! Comment below and i’ll respond to you as soon as I can.

Here’s to your continued success & if there is anything I can do to serve or support yourself and/or your business or if you have any questions about my latest article then please feel free to reach out to me here or at [email protected].

Live Empowered,

Your friend and Life coach,,

Raghav Parkash