Are you ready to really see what you are capable of?

Every year I work with a limited number of clients that want play life at a higher level, overcome the obstacles they face which hold them back and fully step in to the impact they want to make in their life, work & business.

Is my coaching right for you? Here are 4 guidelines/requirements I live, breathe and run my practice by:

1. Who I Coach & Work With: I am very selective about who I coach and take on as a client. I require my clients to take full ownership/responsibility of their life, be coachable and willing to be challenged. My clients are often surrounded by people that say yes to them and this is where I come in, to challenge you powerfully and point out the things that not many will tell you that will make the biggest difference to you.

2. You are the agenda: How I coach is based on the client in front of me at the time. Everything I do is tailor made & I will work with you from exactly where you are to help you create the results, successes and impact you envision

3. High Impact: Many of my clients during sessions have the types of conversations with me that they can’t with anyone else and this is what makes the coaching impactful. In the sense, they hold nothing back and are very real and authentic with me. I show up fully to each session with my clients and I ask they do the same.

4. You are investing more than just money: My coaching programmes require a significant investment beyond just my fees, but also the amount of energy, time and focus required to make our work together impactful and a significant ROI in your life, career & business. 

My fees are bespoke as I build my packages around your specific needs at the time during our consultation. I do not discuss my fees over email

Your Introductory Coaching Experience

If you want to find out more about how we can work together and are serious about investing in yourself, your goals, your vision & being the very best you can be, I’d like to offer you a coaching experience where you personally get to know exactly what it is like to be a client of mine.

We will book a couple of hours aside for your experience and dive in to the very things that would make the biggest impact for you immediately and the session would be my gift to you.

I don’t do consultations or quick taster sessions as coaching is a very personal choice from both sides and a significant investment. You wouldn’t buy a luxury car without a test drive or a property without a viewing so why invest in a coach the same way.

I also want to make sure that us working together right now would be the best step for you and you’d gain significant ROI from our work together, otherwise I won’t agree to take you on.

If we both then feel that coaching would be the next best step, I will share a few bespoke options tailor made for you, designed around your needs, goals & requirements.

If you’d like to book a coaching experience with me, please fill in the form below and I will be in touch.

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Are you ready to really see what you are capable of?

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