3 steps to Overcome the Fear of Failure & Perfectionism

by | Sep 4, 2018 | Blogs

Fear of Failure, Perfectionism…

Do these two sound familiar to you?

Two of the very forces that stop ambitious achievers from achieving their dream.

Two of the very forces that limit you from achieving the Extraordinary and keep you at ordinary….

Two of the very forces that prevent you from…(fill in the blank) prevent you from many many possibilities and opportunities…

What is perfectionism or fear of failure costing you?

As a High Performance & Life Coach, something all my clients have in common whether they are Entrepreneurs, Leaders or hungry & ambitious achievers is they at times feel held back by perfectionism or the stress of what if things go wrong…

I’m sure you resonate with that yourself as you are reading this article.

For todays article I want to dive straight in and share with you some powerful strategies to overcome any perfectionism or fear of failure as it shows up on your journey in business or in life.

“Everyone experiences the fear of failing but what separates high performers is the extraordinary decisions they make when feeling the fear”

So, what can you do immediately to get phenomenal results and produce your best through any fear?

1. Remember you are playing a long term game

One of the reasons we feel so afraid to fail or the need to be perfect is we are focusing so much on ‘needing a result, victory or breakthrough NOW’ that we forget, the moment you are concerned about is one of many steps on the ladder to your victory & success.

Mastery is about constant and never ending improvement. Allow your journey to be constant and never ending.

Take a step back, breathe, ground yourself, meditate or do something that allows you to reconnect with yourself…and then look at the bigger overall picture.

Notice the massive difference this make in your emotions because whatever we think about or focus on we feel.

2. Make Failing a part of winning

The only reason you can fail at anything in your business or life, is because you have rules that allow you to experience failure.

This is one of my favourite distinctions and so true.

High Performers win or learn

Others win or fail

If you want to remove the emotional impact potential failure can have in your world, remember that every single failure is bringing you closer to your successes because through every part of your life & business, you can chose to win or learn & you will then only progress.

For example, if you are a sales person, you may have a 1 in 4 closing ratio which means you need to succeed by winning 1 piece of business out of every 4… (25% success rate which is considered a very strong closing ratio in many industries) and at the same time “be rejected” 75% of the time by potential clients.

Also, are there some failures you’ve experienced in your life that when you look back on, you are actually truly grateful for because of who you have become?

Are you grateful to some of your failures because of what you have learned?

Failures are actually the gifts we grow from, if we allow them to be. There can be no success without the experience of not getting the results we want….instantly.

Make failing a part of winning and you will only grow from strength to strength & win or learn.

3. Develop & Strengthen a Service nature

One of my favourite life lessons from Tony Robbins is that “The Secret to Living is Giving” and when we are in a place of fear, we are not in a place of service for our clients, customers, team or the people we care about most.

A strategy that helps me the most during times of fear is focusing on the people I really want to serve & impact through my work and then finding out a way to do more of what I love for them.

Also focusing on WHY I do what I do


the very factors that are in my control.

Another way to look at it is to visualise your goals/targets, see yourself performing successfully & then imagining the various stakeholders and people that will benefit alongside you as a result of your success.

Your colleagues, family, friends, customers, charities and even the world around you.

Try this and see how it shifts your emotional state instantly. It’s impossible to feel emotionally strong/passionate/inspired & also fearful at the very same time.

These are 3 of my favourite tools and strategies and I hope they serve you powerfully!

I hope you enjoyed todays article and I would love to hear what you personally took and will implement moving forwards! Comment below and i’ll respond to you as soon as I can.

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