7 Steps to Build an Unshakeable Self Core Confidence

by | Nov 25, 2017 | Blogs

You are heading in to a meeting, presentation, or social situation…& there are a billion thoughts going through your head.

Am I good enough? What if I fail? I hope I don’t slip up? What if they all think I am a joke? What if they don’t like me?

You are beginning to sweat, your heart is racing, your body is shaking…. and deep down, you are wondering how you can get out of this situation alive let alone make the best of it.

I’ve been there many times during my struggles years ago…only wishing I knew how to create more confidence.

But that is just it, knowing how to ‘Create’ more confidence. Create is the key word here.

There is this belief in society that confidence is something you either have…or have not. But this is a complete LIE’

From being in a place once where I had no confidence..to coaching & working with hundreds and thousands of high performers/entrepreneurs, speaking at over 200+ seminars and creating the confidence I have now…

I can tell you confidence is created and not just something you are born with. 

So I have something for you to think about.

Would you like more confidence in your life?

Confidence to run your business powerfully??

Confidence to make the right decisions and inspire change from within people/others?

What would having more confidence mean to you, do for you & allow you to accomplish?

Now I think it is important to note: When I say confidence, I don’t just mean being hyped up with lots of energy & extraversion…

I mean real, sustainable, CORE CONFIDENCE that comes from within!

How does that sound to you? A lot more achievable, real and meaningful I am sure you will agree?

Well if that sounds just about right for you (hopefully more or less spot on)… I have 7 powerful tips and strategies to help you create the confidence you deserve!

Here we go:

7 powerful ways to boost confidence:

1. Visualise your future & achieving the results you want: Visualise yourself as a successful entrepreneur or a successful professional and your mind will start believing it, because a truth is that your mind can’t differentiate between whether what you envision is real or fake.

The mind is a powerful tool and ‘as a man/woman thinketh, so he/she becomes’

Feed your mind with images, pictures and movies of what you want & just notice how over time, you will start to feel so much more confident and really believe in what is possible for you.

2. Find and fulfil a mission bigger than you: The Secret to happiness, fulfilment & joy is growth. Growth feeds the soul and who were are as human beings. When we stop growing we begin to die (its a harsh truth but the truth will set you free)

There is a reason 89% of people who retire at the age of 50 pass away in the next 10 years. Wow!

How does growth create confidence? Well, you become mission driven, legacy focused and passion led.

As Tony Robbins says ‘The secret to living is giving’ and the more you serve others, the more inspired & grateful you feel about your lifestyle.

Imagine the likes of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, what do you think drove them to create what they have for the world. Serving others so powerfully, that their journey never just became out themselves or their egos.

Find and fulfil a mission bigger than you & your whole world will change!

3. Practice empowering self talk: As Marissa Peer says, we must make the ‘uncomfortable comfortable’ and the ‘comfortable uncomfortable’. Too many of us are programmed to speak harshly towards ourselves, doubt our talents & capabilities while allowing the inner critic to rule our world.

Practice appreciation of the wonderful you and when you are taking on a challenge that seems difficult, I invite you to tune in to the voice in your head and identify what it is telling you.

Is the voice serving you or not? I would go even further and ask, if you speak to your friends the way you speak to yourself, would you have any friends left?

Interesting huh and  definitely food for thought.

4. Live& Breathe the Kaizen/CANI Philosophies: The Japanese have a famous concept called Kaizen which implies Constant and Never Ending Improvement.

If you want to create a real solid core confidence, i’d invite you to work on yourself, your thinking, mindset, focus, strengths, capabilities, weaknesses & talents etc.

Working on your mindset is a massively vital step, but following your development through by strengthening your abilities will give you a much stronger feeling of confidence like never before.

Within leadership, Kaizen is super powerful because the more you give to yourself, the more you can then give to others.

How can you adopt the Kaizen principle in to your everyday lifestyle?

5. Do what scares you most & then repeat: Thats right, the only way to really breakthrough any fear and transform it to confidence, is by doing what scares and challenges you the most.

The more you push your comfort zone, you personally become so much more. You will grow exponentially and as a result, you’ll be handling fear, setbacks & challenges with so much more grace.

What is 1 action you can take towards that which you have been putting off or scares you most?

6. Embrace rejection: Young mind comes up with new ideas, full of enthusiasm, but only a small percentage of people remain in the race for a long run.


Our schools, college don’t teach us how to deal with rejection and failure.

The more open one becomes to rejection and failure, the stronger they become. When you learn to dance with the fear of rejection, you can expand and give trail to new ideas and plans as many times as you want.

7. Celebrate: Thats right…celebrate every achievement, action, failure, setback and mishap that occurs en-route to your goals.

Celebration is a powerful means to boost and harness your self esteem and confidence, because ultimately, celebration makes you feel pretty damn good! Unfortunately, not too many of us celebrate enough and acknowledge ourselves for the work we do.

In fact, we do the opposite… I know you know what I am talking about.

The more you celebrate, you are rewarding yourself which in turn creates a pleasure attachment/association to the act of growing, embracing setbacks and achieving your goals.

What this ultimately means is you enjoy the process and journey and become much more confident with every step you take which is a great result after all.

Would you like to Ignite Your Potential?

I hope my blog post has inspired and served you on your journey to create the confidence you deserve.

If you’d like to find out more about how I can serve or support you to be your very best & perform at your peak, feel free to send me an email and we will book you in for a consultation!

If you value growth and discovering what you are really capable of, there is nothing like having a life coach  in your corner who can help you identify your blind spots, how you are holding yourself back & ultimately, what it would take to create the extraordinary lifestyle/business you seek.

Until next time, keep being the extraordinary you!

Best Wishes,