The blindspot to your Breakthrough & Peak Performance

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Blogs

2 words

ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT 2 of the ultimate forces to Personal Power!

The very force that creates your world!

You’re working away, #hustling #grinding #whatever…ing towards the life and business you want…

You might have worked on your mindset, thinking or focus…

You might be working around the clock or not at all

On top of that you’re feeling the stress and pressure that comes with being ambitious, hungry and driven

Maybe financial stress, anxiety, pressure from others, pressure to deliver and truly step up, pressure to serve your clients

or this so called ‘fear of success’ (which is complete BS by the way but that’s for another post and another time folks)

with all of this going on..sometimes you feel like saying screw it and just stepping aside for a few moments/hours

waiting for the lack of inspiration/procrastination to pass

oh the highs and lows….yes


oh yes…the highs too

Along with the stress comes the great moments when you’re thriving and feeling truly alive & victorious

times when you have great financial months or achievements in your business, breakthroughs in your career…

progress towards living the rich, extraordinary and fulfilling life you desire…

and you can see your vision clearer than ever and feeling more inspired..

Which is amazing of course… but what is something you can do to streamline the highs and lows that come in business

and also from being driven and hungry in your career?

Through all the clients I have worked with & events, seminars and workshops I have run…

I have found that there is 1 particular patterns that high performers do and understand with incredible depth…

with incredible conviction…with incredible certainty and that is

What environments give them energy…and what environments drain their energy?

Which influences their personal power massively

We are truly creators of our world..but as much as we are

ENVIRONMENT always and truly trumps willpower, mindset & intention.

Because you become who and where you spend your time most!

If you put yourself in un-resourceful environments then you will feel unresourceful and ultimately perform so…

Question…….Do you find yourself in certain situations, specific moments or with people that drain your energy?

The wrong relationships/friendships?

Environments that take more than they give?

That demand more than they serve?

That drain more than they add?

If so, when is NOW the best time to do something about this?

If you want to breakthrough, fly, soar & create a life/business where you are performing at your best…

qualify WHERE you spend your time & WHO you spend your time with?

it surprises me how many entrepreneurs to date feel drained by the world around them…

which happens to be one of that factors that….

is in your influence!

Without ENERGY, we cannot do things we love with the people we love most and that is why we ultimately work or run businesses right?

Well at least one of the main drivers along with contributing to the world and serving others.

Ask yourself…..

-Are the people you spend time with serving you or hindering you?

-Do they inspire your thinking & creativity or cause you to feel blocked?

-Do the places you spend time in light you up and are conducive to your best?

-Are you even conscious who with and where you spend your time?

-Who can you spend more time with that can inspire the best from you?

-What type of people do you want to spend more time with & where can you find them?

-What places/spaces empower your emotional state?

-Where do you work best and produce your magic?

-Where can you best work & play from your zone of genius?

Environment & Energy!

People that inspire you, places that get the best from you…

There always is a time and place for everything…and you can’t always be in a perfect environment….


this principle is about doing the best with what you have & can…and then demanding even more from yourself

What will you do? What is the committment that you could make yourself?

If your personal power & energy isn’t where you want it to be….what can you do about it?

If you want to be and live from Peak performance, what can you do to take your energy and environment up one step?

Comment below and let me know! I will get back to you personally.


Right now I am in Costa near where I live….simple yet powerful…

A new environment away from what I am used to that shakes up my thinking and focus… and helps me produce some of my best work