Morning Rituals

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Blogs

Good Morning reader,

I have an important question for you, is your morning ritual serving you or holding you back?

On today’s message, I want to bring you a powerful strategy to help you OWN this week, instead of letting the week OWN you.

For some of you that may sound like a ‘nice idea’ but how about we make OWNING your day & time a reality?

The biggest insight I could share with you to do this, and today’s gift, is the power of your Morning Ritual.

Morning rituals are the key to productivity, and making sure you run the day and as Jim Rohn would say’ Instead of the day running you”

I’m sure you’ve been through times when you wake up and feel tired, sluggish and the next thing you know you’re at work, and the day has passed, and you haven’t really achieved what you set out to do.

You can change that, you can ensure you don’t have days like that again, and you can ensure you live with purpose & conviction.

Today, cultivate the habit of developing powerful morning habits and rituals that will enhance your day.

WHY? Because you become what you do consistently, and you create your future by the seeds you plant on a daily basis. If you have consistent days where you are not planting any seeds, you won’t reap any fruits in the future!!! 

Here are some examples of the morning rituals that I do and have done that have really made a difference for me (the key in doing this, is to know the purpose behind each ritual to make it lasting change).

  • Gratitude upon waking up – To tap in to a powerful abundance mindset 
  • Drinking a Green Juice- For energy & health
  • Planning my day & week- To prioritise what needs to be done, and to ensure massive productivity
  • Exercising minimum 15 minutes a day- For Energy 
  • Reading every day for minimum 30 minutes- To feed and strengthen my mind

There are so many more rituals you can adopt, but if you look at the top achievers across the world, they all have morning rituals that help them be the best in their craft.

I recently had a conversation with an attendee at one of my seminars who claimed he doesn’t have any morning rituals, but I challenged him and said he did, and his current standards and habits weren’t serving him at all. We all have morning rituals whether we know it or not, but the question is, what are you rituals doing for you?

What morning rituals will you start adopting and committing to? What are your new standards? 

After all:

“You make your rituals, and your rituals make you”

I hope this post has really inspired you to adopt morning rituals, maximise the impact of your day and to experience the best version of you consistently.

If there is anything I can do to serve or support you, feel free to reach out to me by responding to this post, and i’d love it if you also let me know what your biggest insights and take aways are, and what rituals you will now start adopting?

Until next time, Live Empowered!

Your friend and Life coach,

Raghav Parkash