The real difference between Ordinary & Extraordinary: Just 2mm

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Blogs

The difference between Ordinary & Extraordinary….

The difference between high performance & mediocrity…..

The difference between success & failure

Do you know what the difference is……..


That’s right….

You might have heard about the golf analogy that the difference between an extraordinary shot….

and one that ends up in a lake or house…

can be as little as 2mm from how the club strikes the ball.

Amazing to think that just a 2mm shift is the difference between success & failure in this moment.

This same analogy applies to life, business, success & high performance.

Through all the events/seminars I have run and clients I have been privileged to coach…….

I have found that what separates High Performers from those who dream about success & victory is just a 2mm shift & variation in how they show up each day

High Performers make decisions that others don’t and as a result they can do things that others can’t

Decisions from when they wake up, during moments of challenge/adversity, in times of fear and uncertainty all the way through to when they sleep.

To make an extraordinary decision takes just a 2mm shift in mental energy and focus

A decision to have an empowering morning ritual

A decision to do what scares you most

A decision about what you will focus on

A decision to speak up & own your truth

A decision to embrace and dance with the stress as it crops up in a very busy lifestyle

A decision to say NO to anything that doesn’t serve you or your vision

A decision to work out and move your body daily

A decision to look for the opportunities and gifts instead of what is wrong…

A decision on how you will lead others in your company/team

A decision on the organisational culture you envision

These decisions shape your life, business & reality

It takes just a 2mm variation in our decision making process….consistently… to achieve the best from yourself when you feel uncertain, stuck or also if you want to perform even better in any area of your life whether your career, business, health, relationships, energy, family or anything else.

One of the biggest challenges that stops us having the breakthroughs and making the 2mm adjustments….is that we think we are miles away from where we need to be which is a massive LIE.

You are only ever at worst 2mm off

Adjust your angle of approach and watch how you will unleash extraordinary things in to your life, business, career & world.

What adjustments can you make?

What can you do more of to create the success you want?

What can you do less of?

Where will you make these 2mm adjustments?

Live Empowered my friends and make 2018 your best year yet!

Your friend and Life coach,