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by | Apr 25, 2018 | Blogs

To my readers, I hope you have had a great start to the week, and July has been an extraordinary month for you and your business so far.

I wanted to reach out and share a quick peak performance tool/insight with you that has served me tremendously and I hope can serve you, your business and your colleagues now and in the future.

Today’s strategy I want to dive in to is Ego v.s Truth

Regardless of who you are, what company you work for, or what you do in your personal life, I have found that Ego vs Truth is an incredible principle that will allow you to unlock and unleash the best of your potential in any given moment.

So how does Ego v.s. Truth really shape our life?

In any moment or experience we undergo, we are tasked with making a decision. One of my mentors, Tony Robbins, is renowned for saying ‘It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”.

Decisions truly shape our life and our future and especially when we make decisions from our Ego v.s. slowing down and leaning in to our truth.

The decisions I am talking about aren’t just strategic business decisions, but decisions such as what to focus on, what to believe about yourself, how to treat other people and any decision that has the ability to impact your destiny (which are most decisions).

“You are only ever one decision away from changing your trajectory”

We all have an Ego which is the unresourceful part of us that can destroy our confidence, can allow us to be ineffective leaders/managers and powerless in our personal relationships.

There are a plethora of consequences that come with making Ego based decisions (which we all have and live by), but one of the keys to unlocking your personal power is the ability to bring yourself back to your truth.

  • The truth of what is real and what is important now? 
  • The truth of what your current circumstances mean instead of what you think it means. 
  • The truth of what you are really capable of instead of what you may settle for.
  • The truth of what would serve your team, colleagues & staff if you got out of your head/ego and in to your presence of truth and leadership. 
  • The truth of what a difficult moment in your business or life could mean which ultimately then dictates your destiny and who you become.
  • The truth about acknowledging your personal challenges and committing to constant and never ending improvement
  • The truth of acknowledging you are not your failures, but they can be the biggest gifts of education you could experience.

The question I ask myself about my behaviours, actions and mindset is whether I am coming from a place of Ego which breeds fear, anxiety, stress, panic, arrogance in myself and others, or am I coming from a place of truth which is knowing how I can respond powerfully for myself and others regardless of my current circumstances.

You are only ever one decision away from changing your trajectory. Every decision I have personally made from a place of ego, is the very decision that has held me back in a number of areas of my life in the past.

There is a reason they say the truth will set you free. Hide behind your ego, and you will be a prisoner, but embrace your truth and any vulnerability that comes with it, and I know you will see the best of what you have to offer in your business, personal life, relationships and whatever else is important to you.

One of the most important points about Ego V.S Truth I want to leave you with is that, almost every decision you can make has a direct impact on the people around you too.

What decisions will you now make in the future?

You are only ever one decision away from the best you, and may you keep making extraordinary decisions that lead to an extraordinary future for yourself and those around you.

My passion as a Peak Performance coach, is helping individuals, entrepreneurs, directors & CEO’s to operate at their best throughout their personal and working lives, and to leave an inspiring & impactful legacy behind. Over the past few years, I’ve been privileged to work with some incredible people, and they are my true inspiration behind the LinkedIn post you are reading. I thank my incredible clients for inspiring me continually!

The people I have seen thrive, are seekers of truth in their lives. Identifying what is in their control, what is real, what can they learn from a moment of adversity, what is important in their world and that of people around them.

I hope this article has truly served you, and feel free to get in touch directly if there is anything I can do to support you. 

Make this an outstanding week, and my very best to you, 

Your friend and Life coach,
Raghav Parkash