1 powerful weekly habit & 2mm is the difference between your success & failure

by | Jun 30, 2018 | Blogs

2mm is the difference between your success and your failure…. just 2mm

Working with and coaching number of high performers, Executives, CEO’s, Business’s & Entrepreneurs,

I have found that the difference between victory and failure, winning or not achieving your outcome….. is just a 2mm difference.

2mm in:

-your thinking
-your decision making 
-how you manage your emotions 
-how you lead others
-how you start the day and run your day 
-how you deal with challenges & setbacks 
-how you manage your focus
-how much work you do on you and your skillset

Improvement and breakthroughs come from continual, constant & never ending improvement.  Small 2mm adjustments frequently, consistently and often over time.

So, my question to you and the 1 power habit I am talking about is, do you reflect every week?

Reflection & Self Awareness is power. 

Something I challenge my clients to do every Sunday is:

1. Plan their week in advance, what do they want to create, achieve, accomplish but also, their top 5 outcomes for the week

2. Reflect on the last week

-What worked really well through the week that has just been. What specifically?

-What wasn’t as effective or held you back?  What could you do LESS Of and let go of?

-What could you do MORE Of and what are your commitments moving forwards?

To achieve the victories you want, success & breakthroughs, we have to tune in to the longer game of high performance and WHY we really do what we do.

The longer game meaning daily, consistent & focused actions making the 2mm adjustments that set us on a trajectory to creating the most extraordinary, fulfilling and rewarding results we desire.

At any point, you are only ever 2mm away from the trajectory and path to creating the results you desire most.

So, what will you now do? 

I hope you enjoyed todays article and I would love to hear what you personally took and will implement moving forwards! Comment below and i’ll respond to you as soon as I can.

Here’s to your continued success & if there is anything I can do to serve or support yourself and/or your business or if you have any questions about my latest article then please feel free to reach out to me here or at [email protected]

Live Empowered,

Your friend and Life coach

Raghav Parkash