10 reasons why I work with a coach

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Blogs

Have you ever worked with a Coach before?

Before you say Yes, I’m not talking about a Sports, Tennis, Swimming, Golf or Football Coach

I’m referring to hiring your very own Personal Life Coach.

As a Coach, I have always worked with a coach through my entire ‘coaching journey’ because of the benefits, impact and ROI on a number of areas in my life/business.

I don’t I believe you ever ‘need’ coaching, but coaching is best felt and served when it comes from a place of you ‘wanting’ coaching.

Needing v.s. wanting. Needing is dependency, wanting is creativity and getting the very edge to your game.

One perception of Coaches is that they are there to ‘put out fires’ when you are feeling low, when relationships are falling apart & when life/business feels like it is happening to you or  even when you think you need your own personal ‘motivator’.

That is definitely one key benefit of working with a coach, but then that would be the equivalent of buying a brand new Lamborghini and only driving it up to 3rdgear.

People often ask me why I as a coach, work with a best coach….. it’s because of my commitment to myself and my clients but by the end of the article…you’ll have a better idea why.

The clients I typically work with for example are Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Executives & Professionals who simply want to be and perform at their very best & live an extraordinary quality of life.

Here are a 10 key reasons why I choose to work with a coach:

1. Clarity & Focus– The power of having coaching to help you cut through the noise, hustle & bustle, stress & develop laser like focus on the things that are most important to you and the key decisions you are looking to make. To feel calm, clear & confident.

2. Maximising Your Potential– The real benefit of coaching is to help you not just put out fires, but to ensure you perform at your very best and create extraordinary results in a number of areas that are important to you whether your business, work, finances or even relationships.

3. Mindset/Stress/Challenges- The power of having a coach to breakthrough and feel empowered during moments when you feel stressed, worried, concerned, depressed or frustrated during your journey.

At times we feel life/business is happening to us and in these moments, having a powerful coaching conversation can make a tremendous difference by strengthening our resilience and thinking to perform at our peak through testing times.

4. Cultivating Leadership, Self Awareness & Emotional Intelligence– You can only go as deep and have the impact with others as you go yourself. Coaching is an amazing way to truly understand yourself on a deep level and in turn give your very best to the people around you. Both at home and in the office.

5. Identifying your Blind Spots– One of my favourite reasons of working with a coach is that because they are looking in to your world from a 3rdperson birds eye view, the coach can help you see what you don’t see. To help you identify what’s missing and not working. Where your opportunities, strengths and possibilities lie.

6. Accountability & Progress towards your vision- Being held accountable is for me one of the top benefits of having a coach. Someone you can set a standard with and to ensure you are meeting the standard through every session.  I also love seeing my clients get the support they need to make massive progress towards their vision both personally & professionally.

This is what we call goal & vision getting and why I stated earlier that putting fires out is merely scratching the surface of what is possible. The real impact comes from the sound board of sharing & firming up ideas with your coach and then committing towards them.

7. Harnessing Motivation & Energy– Very important, having an expert in your corner that understands practical psychology and can help you reconnect with your drive & motivation during challenging situations and increase your energy for optimum performance.

8. Living through your Values-A big part of coaching is ensuring every goal & action you set is aligned with what is important to you so that you achieve & succeed without sacrificing the things that you treasure most..

9. Cutting any BS Stories/Excuses– Another great aspect of coaching is having someone in your corner to call you out and tell you the things you ‘need to hear’ and not just the things you ‘want to hear’. Of course as a coach I am my clients biggest fan, but challenging them powerfully and fearlessly is where the growth is created.

10. Thinking bigger/10X– The only limit in our life/business is ourselves. As coaches, we challenge our clients to connect with their dream, their vision, to think bigger and to create the results they really are capable of.

This is why for me, having a coach is a big step, a commitment & a statement that you want to create the most outrageous yet extraordinary life & business you can have.

There are many more powerful benefits for having a coach as you can imagine.

If you have been inspired by this article and attracted to working with a coach, I invite you to explore the power of coaching.

I invite you to find a coach out there you resonate with, connect with & are inspired by. This will vary from person to person.

Most of the top coaches offer an initial no obligation conversation with them so feel free to reach out and take things from there.

But I have to say, tread with caution! There is a sad truth in the coaching industry as there are in any other industries and that is:

Not everyone claiming to be a coach, can actually coach, take you as deep as you want to go or can help you really create the impact you want in your life/business.

The coaching industry is unregulated meaning that it is very easy to become a coach.

Through my journey I have come across some great coaches and others but like in any industry you get good and bad cookies.

It’s very easy to position yourself as an expert, but not everyone is.. an expert.

But coming back to the areas of coaching, what other benefits have you got from working with a coach?

What differences have you seen in your game, life & performance?

I hope you enjoyed todays article and I would love to hear what you personally took and will implement moving forwards! Comment below and i’ll respond to you as soon as I can.

Here’s to your continued success & if there is anything I can do to serve or support yourself and/or your business or if you have any questions about my latest article then please feel free to reach out to me here or at [email protected]

Live Empowered,

Your friend and coach, 

Raghav Parkash