Don’t be Vanilla a mentor once said

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Blogs

“Don’t be Vanilla”

This was a lesson repeated to me by one of my first mentors when I became a coach many years ago.

Don’t be Vanilla my mentor said

You see, in the world we live in, its very easy to drown the power of your own voice and personality…

and at the same time, live by the ego/need to fit in, be liked, be loved, be popular, be respected, acknowledged etc…

It’s funny, in the past I used to say i’m a recovering people pleaser but now i’m proud to say i’m Raghav Parkash (except when I go to Starbucks and then i’m Tom but thats a different story)

So, coming back to Don’t be Vanilla,

Speaking your truth may be scary…living from your truth may push you…initially, BEING YOU might be something new to you…

but what would it cost you not to? Really think about this.

There are so many if not too many including me in the past that tried to FIT IN and be the flavour everyone would be at the worst OK with…

but thats the very problem…. being Vanilla is an ok flavour but not an extraordinary flavour

(In case you hadn’t realised, this is not actually about the flavour but more the metaphor if you’re thinking….but wait…I love Vanilla)

Supressing your voice & persona might help you fit in…but it’s just ok

Ok friendships, ok relationships, ok impact, Ok standards, ok enjoyment of this gift of life & an ok level of depth and self exploration & ok results

What is is really costing you from not fully owning INSERT YOUR NAME HERE?

When I got this, my confidence went up, personal power went up, fearlessness went up, energy, happiness, action taking, unfuckwithable-ness…..

I’ve reached a point in my journey where I love being me, wacky, crazy, energetic, focused, passionate (slightly too much still which I still freaking love)

and then the whole game changes..and haters oh yeah, what about them?

Well coming back to Ice Cream & Vanilla, whatever flavour you absolutely love, there will be people in this world that LOVE IT…

and on the same side people absolutely hate it! & thats OK

For every flavour, way of being, there will be raving fans and raving critics…

You can’t please everyone and thats because you are not meant to…even now as I write this post, there will be people who dislike this &/or even me (probably both ???)

Expect haters because you stand for something. Even Mother Teresea had haters…I have no chance.

How people react and what they decide to get triggered and offended by is their choice….take responsibility instead for you, who you are and what you do

When you let go of who you think you need to be, you’ll step in to who you are and as a result. (Just think about this for a moment)

You’ll discover your tribe, your fans, the people that LOVE you and your work, your voice, your message!

Don’t be vanilla…be chocolate chip or whatever your favourite controversial flavour is. After reading this, I cant wait for the day you tell me i’m First Name F*ING Surname and proud! ?

Be the Extraordinary you! Speak your truth and set the world alight!

You’ve got this, and loving you,

Your friend and coach,

Raghav Parkash