The real reason you feel demotivated, stuck & are losing enjoyment in what you do

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Blogs

When I coach my clients or connect with inspiring people at my events. seminars or workshops whether they are Entrepreneurs, Executives or High Performers,

one thing I find that often happens in their professional/working livelihood as well as almost every other human being on this planet

is that they can fall in to a trap where they  lose motivation & passion for their work, their business and many other areas of their livelihood.

The enjoyment for what they do feels like it is reducing and running out daily.

The outlook of their future isn’t as exciting as it once seemed.

They feel stuck in this moment of time and are looking for that something…. and even more unsure about what it could be.

They really notice how time is running them instead of themselves owning the time.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, I have two powerful words I want to bring to your attention today.

The very reason people feel disconnected and far away from the life they are leading is because of these two factors not being met.

Values & Purpose

The values that drive you and the purpose behind WHY you do what you do.

It’s so easy to get stuck in a busy routine/lifestyle and lower our personal standards about living through and experiencing the things that bring us the most happiness, joy & fulfilment.

The way through, is to take a step back in all the noise, hustle, bustle, business and deciding to firstly analyse & reflect.

Reflecting on:

A. Your purpose, Mission & Vision- It’s time to reconnect with it

WHY do you do what you do?
Why do you work in the business or live your life as you currently do?
What does your work, business & career give you?

Taking your time to re-connect with your purpose is one of the most amazing things you can do for yourself.

So many of us lose track of our purpose en-route to achieving and having more success, but reconnecting yourself with your purpose is one powerful way to inspire more motivation.

It’s massively beneficial to continually remind yourself of the reasons & WHY you do what you do.

Simon Sinek in his TED Talk and books famously talks about the power of WHY and how it should be the point that we create our life and business from.

As a morning habit or ritual, allow yourself to feel the drive & desire you have and bring yourself back to this point every single day when you start your day.

Ask yourself that question, WHY do I do what I do and what does it give me/bring me? 


Ensuring your current lifestyle and work allows you to live through your values and do the things that are most important to you.

Taking some time to reflect on:

-Am I doing & living my life or running my business how I envisioned initially?

-Does my current lifestyle allow me to do, have & achieve the things that are most important to me?

-Am I right now living my life in alignment with the things that are most important to me?
-Am I being true to myself?

-What am I sacrificing right now through how I run my day? What am I missing out on as a result of the decisions I am making?

The truth about motivation is that it is created by you and not just something you feel from time to time. You can’t fake motivation.

If your current work & lifestyle does not fulfil your values, and if this is the case for you, then something needs to change and you get to decide exactly what that is.

Purpose & values are everything and the place where our hunger and drive comes from. Without a purpose and living through your values, you are essentially forcing yourself to get fully behind a lifestyle you are not motivated by at all.

This is how conflicts also appears is businesses and companies develop a low retention rate of their staff and they find people are leaving often.

The key word is VALUES. Peoples values are not being met on a basic level.

With some of the clients I work with, we can have conversations where we explore the impact of changing elements of how they show up in life & how they run their business in order for them to do and have more of the things that are important to them & not get so lost in the day to day runnings.

After reading through the piece on values and purpose, how connected do you feel with a sense of purpose to what you do?

Do you feel your current lifestyle effectively meets your values?

I hope this article has got you thinking and provided you with some strategies to uncover what may be missing if you feel stuck.

Allow the questions and strategies in this article to help you feel more motivated & driven or even uncover what steps you can take to bring more passion & satisfaction from your current lifestyle.

Until next time,

Live Empowered,

Your Friend and Coach,

High Performance & Life Coach

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