Part 2- The Secret to Overcoming Stress

by | Jan 4, 2018 | Blogs

Dear Reader,

Do you ever feel stressed?

Stress is one of the biggest obstacles/challenges many of us face and regularly. Whether you are in business…running a business.. working in the public sector… or even at home… one thing I know for sure is you’ve probably experienced stress on some level.

Last week was International Stress Awareness Day and here on LinkedIn to coincide with the day, I had written the first of a 2 part series on managing stress.

For todays article-part 2, I want to share with you 1 powerful strategy on top of last weeks’ post to help you deal with stress effectively instead of stress dealing with you.

The 1 strategy is The Power of Habits and Rituals

You create your habits/rituals and your habits/rituals create you.

As a coach, I have seen that one reason stress easily enters our lives…is because of low self care.

Thats right, literally how we look after ourselves and manage our personal states.

Through working with Entrepreneurs/senior directors, I have seen that many (without even realising it) live with the philosophy of so much to do and so little time (sound familiar?).

You can just imagine the impact this can have on how one would feel through their day to day lifestyle.

Even the very thought is stressful.

There my be lots to do, accomplish and create, but 1 powerful strategy that will help you focus, get clarity, be on purpose, manage your time, feel confident and get more done is building powerful rituals for yourself daily.

Rituals to manage your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

You create your habits/rituals & your habits/rituals create you

Your Rituals: Build your work around your life…not your life around your work.

Bill Gates & Barrack Obama are famously known to hit the treadmill/working out before beginning their day

Steve Jobs would look in the mirror and prime himself about the work he would go on to do each day and asess if his activities are aligned with his real purpose.

Tony Robbins advises his companies and all employees each year to plan their holidays in first and foremost along with their charitable days off before filling their calendar with work. Tony himself never begins his day without doing a morning ritual for 10 minutes each day including breathing, priming, prayer & visualisation.

Jack Welch would spend 1 hour each day looking out of the window to feel inspired and uplifted while gaining perspective.

For you the extraordinary reader, are you managing your own needs powerfully?

As disease can only enter the body when the body is at a dis..ease, stress can only enter the body as a function of not meeting our needs powerfully.

I firstly invite you to create a morning ritual to set your day up to win. As part of a morning ritual, some of my clients meditate, exercise, journal & much more.

To combat stress I would also definitely recommend planning your day in advance and priming your mind and thinking with everything you want to accomplish today and then just focusing on one activity at a time until completion and accomplishment.

Secondly, how well do you look after yourself through the day?

Managing our own needs are absolutely key, because once we do, we feel so much more fulfilled, alive, euphoric & happy.

We often sacrifice our own needs to overwork and complete all the tasks we have set out in our mind….but what were to manage your needs powerfully?

Imagine how much more impactful you’d be with your work and everything else that is important.

Imagine how much better & happier your would feel about your work.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it has provided you with some insightful steps to overcome and deal with stress as it shows up in your world.

Here’s to your continued success & if there is anything I can do to serve or support yourself and/or your business or if you have any questions about my latest article then please feel free to reach out to me here or at [email protected].

Live Empowered,

Your friend and coach,

Raghav Parkash