The 1% secret to create more success, impact and transformation

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Blogs

At this time of the new year with 12 months ahead of you, I often many clients who contact me are looking to make significant changes/improvements and create much more success in a number of areas of their business and life.

I often find that the key reasons anyone is truly looking to find a business coach or a life coach boils down to how can they:

  • Increase their impact
  • Eliminate the things challenges and obstacles that hold them back, including themselves at times
  • Handle the stress, pressure and fears that come with what they do. Often the things they don’t want other people to know about them
  • Maximize their Performance
  • Maximize the potential of others they work with
  • How to create more success in a number of areas in their business and personal life regardless of what you want to achieve or create this year and maybe it is all the things I’ve mentioned above, often, whenever we are looking to build on the success we have and get even more out of ourselves where it matters most, it can be so easy to throw yourself into the deep end and try to do everything in one go.

This often can lead to starting projects and goals with very high energy, motivation and drive but can often be as helpful as bull in a china store causing havoc, lack of focus, overwhelm, minimal effectiveness and increased stressed for yourself and any team members involved too (if you are leading other people in your business/career). I’m sure you know the feeling, how everything seems to be stacking up, so much to do yet so little time.

What I find (and this may seem counter-intuitive) but where we are really successful and a better way to manage your performance, wellbeing and overall impact is to build into your goals and vision one step at a time.

I love the Japanese Kaizen Philosophy which is about Constant And Never Ending Improvement and if we applied this to our daily habits and routines and aimed to improve by/be 1% more impactful each day….

One year from now you would be 365% further which as you can imagine is one extraordinary success and growth.

It’s easier to focus on the 1% per day, the do-able, what is in our control/influence and the immediate moment which is where we can really have the biggest impact and produce our best performance.

Sometimes we can get carried away and hungry to do/accomplish change or success so quickly, but it really is about coming back to your longer term vision or the longer term play and building a strategy that is far more sustainable.

1%, 1 small step forward, one day at a time = 365 steps, actions and successes

If you focus on commitment, consistency and playing the longer term game you’ll experience more progress and maximize the happiness, potential and wellbeing of the people/teams involved.

This is where we are actually the most impactful and successful, when we slow down and focus on the key things today and every day which will drive that 1% growth and progress forwards.

Often, whenever I look at and coach people who are really thriving across their life and business, success isn’t just about the result but the process, who you become and what you enable others to learn about themselves by facilitating any change.

They throw themselves into their craft and play what Simon Sinek calls The Infinite Game, the game that doesn’t end or is about trying to get to one final, massive end result or goal.

The infinite Game is built on the foundation of constant and never-ending improvement and discovering more ways continually to innovate and bring more value to their customers,
staff and industries….

and importantly

One day, 1% and one step at a time allowing the momentum factor to kick in. Most of us are in an Infinite Game or Sport with Infinite rules but we end up playing with a finite system of stressing over small/immediate wins and successes which is where we lose our edge, creativity and focus. (More on the Infinite Game later)

For now, I invite you to think about where you would like to have the biggest impact and success this year and what being 1% more efficient, innovate and impactful every day looks like to you, that will help you build momentum and consistency towards the vision you would like to achieve.

Here’s to you and I would love to hear what insights you gained from the article and more about the success and impact you want to create this year within your business/career.

Please do feel free to reach out to me through my website or at [email protected]

Until then my best wishes to you and look out for another article coming to you soon,